Transformation of a former industrial area

Transformation of a former industrial area into a new operational and executive headquarters

The intervention on the existing structure consists in the addition of a new architectural perimeter that draws intermediate spaces between inside/outside, bringing the park inside and along the edges of the lot. The vegetation defines a landscape continuity with the river park and improves the microclimate of the area.
The architectural topic of reuse is tackled by seeking a dialogue of contrast between existing and new. Demolitions are reduced to the minimum necessary, spaces are entirely reused. The fronts of the entire industrial sector are rationalized through the new perimeter that adheres to existing buildings or detaches from them, producing new open spaces.
The new fronts are designed with a heterogeneous compositional approach. The continuous element consists of a finished plaster base. The upper floors are treated with a polycarbonate coating, whose applications, shadows and depths vary according to the buildings. This changes the appearance of the facades and guarantees their ventilation and insulation.
The curved front, in contrast to the linearity of the road and with the surrounding buildings, draws an in-between space among the offices and the urban landscape. From the outside, the semi-transparency of the material and the large openings bring a visual permeability towards the internal gardens.
On the existing office building, the intervention works mainly by maintaining and replacing single parts. The insertion of a windowed module with specific coloring and materiality signals the intervention on the existing stone coating.
In the inside, the central sleeve is maintained and transformed into a double-height space that houses the entrance hall, the distribution hub of the building towards offices and collective services. On each floor, open and dynamic spaces alternate with more traditional offices and meeting rooms. A series of informal spaces, separated by furnishings and acoustic partitions, support the work activity for breaks or short meetings.
Outside, the internal square that separates the production offices is designed as a place for sharing between the various users. The long side sleeve which houses the laboratories and activities related to production, is treated with a facade system that equips the building with loggias to be used during breaks from work.

Client: Gallina S.p.A
Status: Competition – first prize
Team: Simona Della Rocca, Alberto Bottero, Alina Salahoru, Paolo Bianco, Luca Pascale
Site: Beinasco, Italy