Sforzacosta preschool hub

New preschool hub in the Sforzacosta neighborhood, Macerata



The construction of a new preschool becomes an opportunity to integrally rethink the outdoor spaces, accessibility and program distribution of the existing buildings, with the goal of defining a new educational hub open to the community.
The existing buildings are reconfigured through a strategy made of punctual interventions, aiming to encourage a continuous and flexible use of space, open the complex to the neighborhood and stimulate contemporary and open educational methods. The reorganization of spaces, small demolitions, punctual replacements, additions of new volumes, along with the redesign of colors and finishes define the new image of the educational hub.
The new preschool establishes a dialogue with, while declaring its formal autonomy from the existing buildings. The new building is configured through a system of closed and open spaces united by a large pitched roof, which defines the perimeter of the school and a series of threshold spaces. The placement and rotation of volumes draws a sequence of open spaces with different proportions. The result is a porous system tending to open up to the garden: oblique views, changes in the section of the roof, the articulation of spaces is revealed at the transition points between rooms. The planimetric organization is configured as a fluid system of spaces supporting the classrooms, following the idea of an educational model that goes beyond the physical boundary of the classroom.
The outdoor spaces are totally reconfigured, connecting the different school buildings and defining a new organic relationship between the new campus and the surrounding neighborhood.


Client: Andrea Bocelli Foundation
Status: Ongoing
Team: Alberto Bottero, Simona Della Rocca, Morena Gagliardi, Alina Salahoru, Paolo Bianco
Site: Macerata, Italy
Coordinator/Costruction supervision: Ing. Paolo Bianchi
Structural planning: Ing. Andrea Montagna
Mechanics and electrical planning: Serpilli s.r.l.
Acoustics advisor: VIBES s.r.l
Pedagogic coordination: Dott. Serafino Carli