Recovery of the Ex Cavallerizza of Novi Ligure

Recovery of the Ex Cavallerizza of Novi Ligure into an Enogastronomic Academy

In a context characterized by a frayed urban fabric lacking in aggregative public spaces, the project configures a new public front defined by the rehabilitation of the former Cavallerizza and the new public square.
Recognizing the exceptional character of the internal spatiality of the historic building and the need to enhance this latter, the project establishes a dialogue between the new and the existing, working with cointaned actions and compositional choices.
The existing building is recovered and restored, enhancing its original qualities, still preserved. The new interventions are configured through punctual elements. Three new volumes, structurally independent and built using dry construction methods, accomodate the teaching activities and technical areas. The insertion of the volumes, characterized by different proportions and heights, draws a sequence of open and closed spaces, configuring a planimetric distribution that favors the flexibility of use and the overlapping between activities.
A new roo completes the missing section of the existing one, defines an entrance threshold and becomes an opportunity to bring zenithal light inside through the insertion of a skylight. Three portals make the entire east front potentially open towards the square, expanding outdoor activities.
At the urban level, the reorganization of the square (through the punctual demolition of disused buildings, new vegetation, the completion of the tree-lined edges and new permeable materialities) defines a design consistent with the idea of a “Piazza del Maneggio” which, when emptied of cars, becomes a “field” to support public events.

Client: Comune di Novi Ligure
Status: Competition – Third prize
Team: Simona Della Rocca, Alberto Bottero, Alina Salahoru, Lennart Behaeghel
Images: © internoesterno
Site: Novi Ligure, Italy
Year: 2022