Refurbishment of a restaurant


Gaudenzio_Ristorante_Torino_bdrbureau_interior_refurbishment Gaudenzio_Ristorante_Torino_bdrbureau_interior_refurbishment






Located in the historic center of Turin, Gaudenzio is a restaurant run by a restaurateur keen on natural wines.
Starting from the customer’s request of an interior that recalled the simplicity and the warmness of a domestic environment, the project focuses on the concept of singularity, typical of a natural wine making process.

Consistent with this production philosophy, the interior is characterized by the diversity of furniture, whose horizontal surfaces are all different.
Each table is covered by a specific marble slab, creating a variety of colors within the room. According to the position of the single table, each day the room is characterized in a different way.
The customer perceive these changes, as no tablecloths but only ceramic dishes (hand-crafted with different colors) are used during the service, making the meal experience different each time.
The rest of the custom-made furniture is designed with simple and rigorous lines, combining light metal frames with solid elements.

The project maintain the original features of the interior, freeing the structures and enhancing the vaulted ceiling; the parquet floor has been renovated, the walls have been restored with exposed brick, painted white or partially plastered.
Existing materials are complemented by project materials (Carrara marble, marble with orange / green veins, painted steel, oak wood with lacquered inserts) and the color palette which, using white as a common backdrop, mixes colors of Turin tradition to other typical of natural wines (dark green, orange and burgundy).

Client: Private
Architects: BDR bureau (as bam!)
Team: Alberto Bottero, Simona Della Rocca, Fabio Vignolo, Niccolò Suraci, Giulia La Delfa
Photo: Francesco Scialdone, BDR bureau
Site: Torino, Italy
Year: 2015