Temporary museum

Exhibition space at lingotto factory


C_temporary museum_BDRbureau_entrance1

C_temporary museum_BDRbureau_pinacoteca

Temporary museum for a cult-car, located within the exhibition spaces for contemporary art of the Lingotto in Turin. The project interprets the iconic aspect of the industrial product and combines the exhibition needs with those of the architectural and cultural context. The idea takes shape starting from a reflection on the different type of experience that is established with the art object or the industrial production object. Sculpture is an active element within the space, capable of changing the perception of the place where it is located. The industrial product takes on meaning through physical interaction.
As a design outcome, a single sculptural object is placed at the center of the space and houses the interactive exhibition inside. Its organic morphology adapts to existing spaces and restores a renewed visual relationship with the iconic track on the roof of the Lingotto. The surrounding spaces can be used for events that also extend onto the terraces. The external perimeter of the object is also a transformable surface: it acts as a curtain that hides an additional display space inside. The structure is in fact composed of prefabricated steel frames, arranged in sequence and equipped with horizontal planes. Inside, the exhibition uses analog components to support projections on textile backdrops normally used in scenography. The system is designed to be easily assembled and adaptable over time, both in appearance and content.

Team: Alberto Bottero, Simona Della Rocca, Luca Pascale
Interaction design: Damiano Gui
Site: Torino (TO), Italy
Year: 2019