BDR bureau works in the fields of architecture, it is based in Turin and was founded by Alberto Bottero and Simona Della Rocca. It develops projects ranging from the habitat unit to the urban scale through public and private competitions and assignments. The studio pays particular attention to the architecture of re-use and the re-adaptation of living, work and educational spaces. BDR bureau’s projects originate through a broad interpretation of the sites and a deep understanding of the context, with the intention of transforming limits into opportunities. Each project experiments with spatial solutions based on the idea of an open, simple and unexpected architecture that meet the evolving needs of our times. The studio has received awards in various international competitions, and published in several magazines. In 2019 BDR bureau received the award for “Young talent of Italian architecture”, promoted by the national council of architects. BDR bureau has also participated in two editions of the La Biennale di Architettura in Venice: in 2016 (Venice Pavilion, with a vision on the future of Porto Marghera) and in 2018 (Italian Pavilion, with a research project on the re-use of the railway yards).

BDR bureau_profile

Via Vincenzo Gioberti, 8
10128 Torino [Italia]
+39 011 6185681


La Fabbrica Trasparente – International design competition – First prize

Milano in Crescita – International design competition Scialoia School- Second prize

Awarded for Young talent of Italian architecture 2019
promoted by the national council of architects CNAPPC

Awarded for Best Refurbishment and Reuse project 2019
– Scuola Enrico Fermi, Torino –
promoted by the national council of architects CNAPPC

Spazio Elementare competition, design of a new square  – Finalist

Torino Fa Scuola competition, Refurbishment of a secondary school – First prize

Kodrina Masterplan International competition – Second prize

Urban design Competition LYDA TURK – Third prize
Museo del Compasso d’Oro competition – Third Prize

NIB prize, Top Ten Italian Architects Under 36, landscape
-YAP MAXXI competition – First prize

Young Architect scrape the sky, CASABELLA Laboratorio – awarded

Venice CityVision competition – First prize
Lazio Region kindergarden – Second prize


Padiglione Italia, Biennale di Venezia 15. Mostra Internazionale di Architettura
Caravanserraglio a project for Ferrandina Scalo Matera, realized for the exhibited ARCIPELAGO ITALIA curated by Mario Cucinella

Unbuilt Rome, curated by Campo
Overlapping uses, design speculation on A. Anselmi project, in Unbuilt Rome exhibition curated by CAMPO.
Exhibition at Campo, Rome (may 2017)
Exhibited at RIBA, London (september 2017)

Padiglione Venezia, Biennale di Venezia 15. Mostra Internazionale di Architettura
Sampling Opportunities a project for Porto Marghera, exhibited in UP! MARGHERA ON STAGE curated by Matteo D’ambros

2014 / 2015
Piccole Utopie/Small Utopias exhibition, curated by MAXXI Museum
He project exhibited at:
Design Factory, Bratislava, Slovakia, April-May 2015
Notre Dame University Zouk Mosbeh, Beirut, Lebanon, May-June 2015
Tonji University, Shanghai, China October 13 – January 2014
Universidad de los Andes, Botogà, Colombia, February 2014
Istituto Italiano di Cultura, San Francisco, USA, June-August 2014
Architecture week, Prishtina, Kosovo, June-July 2014
FIU Miami Beach Urban Studios, USA, September-December 2014
Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Barcellona, Spain, September-October 2014
Chandigarh College of Architecture, India, October 2014

YAP 2013 exhibition, curated by Young Architect Program
He project exhibited at MAXXI (Rome), MOMA PS1 (New York), ISTANBUL MODERN (Istanbul), CONSTRUCTO (Santiago of Chile). June-October 2013

Giovani architetti grattano il cielo exhibition, curated by CASABELLA Laboratorio
Disgiunzione Verticale project exhibited at CASABELLA Laboratorio, Milano, Italy.